Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Make up I love!!!!! :)

I've recently started to go back to my bold colours, I love using electric purples and blues on  my eyes. Having light brown eyes i think it looks really striking. My tip is to use the same colour eyeshadow instead of liners at the bottom of your eye and on tops. I like to apply eye shadows with a small thin brush as i find these tend to glide on nicely and you have more control on the amount you want to build on . I tend to stay away from liquid eyeliners and so eye shadows always work best for me. Lancome do really nice colours, and my main purple one is a single Lancome eyeshadow.

I love this look, using bold colours for the eyes and nude lipstick. Canmake is by far the best lipstick brand i have used. Its so smooth and the colour is the perfect shade of beige.


So.....I always seem to like to change my facial rituals, I often find that no matter how good a product is for my skin if you use it for a long period of time your skin adjusts to that particular product and starts to look slightly dull. I like to use different cremes on my face and i often find that experimenting is the best solution.

I came across this creme that i feel really does give your skin a little lift on those dull days, and also creates softer looking healthier skin. I have been using Vitacreme B12 which you can buy at local chemists and shops for between £13-18 UK Pounds.

Vitacreme B12 is the only cosmetic product with the Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) as a main active ingredient.

The principal actions with the application of VitacremeB12 are:

  • Skin Reconditioning

  • Very significant reduction in the extent of the wrinkles and fold of the skin

  • Improvement in skin elasticity

  • Correction of the skin dryness
I can honestly say that a little goes a long way, you only need a pea size amount. The texture of the creme provides a nicely soft coating that when applying foundation its easy and creates a flawless finish.

I love this product and i can safetly say that i will keep using this when its needed.... Ohhhh and it comes in a handy tube to take around in your bag!!! :)

Starting to blog again!!!!!

Sorry all...Its been a long long time since i last blogged, things have been pretty hectic at my end, but I'm happy to say i will be officially back on as of this week, thank you   all for further comments, please check back this week for exciting updates and also much more beauty tips and more on exciting products that i will be talking about!!!


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Finally got my hands on Dr Ci Labo

I have always been eager to try out Dr Ci Labo products, i have already dedicated a blog on his products, and i am even more happier to say that i have finally managed to get hold of the super cleanser that i dearly wanted.

My initial thought was that the product was certainly a rather plain product, well design wise, if you compare a Anna Sui cleanser to this, well the design itself is rather basis and looks just like a normal everyday cleanser. Having said that i have only been using the cleanser for 2 days and i already have seen such a difference. I absolutely love the cleanser. The only downside is that personally for me i like to use cleansers that are quite scented. For me it just feels and gives me that extra refreshing feeling. 

I'm not at all surprised as it has stated that all ingredients are pure and there are no extra unnecessary chemicals added. So the most sensitive skins are able to use Dr Ci Labo products. One of the best things about this cleanser is that it has the most smoothest velvety texture ever, if anything i think this is one of the best textured cleansers i have ever used, and it does really leave your skin feeling as though you have some sort of smooth silicon layer on top of your skin. My skin feels much more smoother and silkier. I can defiantly feel a difference already. My skin also looks alot clearer that it was previously . One of the main purpose of this cleanser was that instead of combating spots, skin rashes etc after they have appeared, this cleanser in fact works on your skin to prevent this before it even happens. If the results last, i defianlty will try more of their ranges, my next would be their skin moisture.

My new CANMAKE lipsticks

So i have just recently got my hands on the 4 Canmake  melty nude lip lipsticks straight from Japan, i cant wait to try them all,

The four shades are

01. Baby Beige
02. Creamy Nude
03. Baby Pink
04. Peach Beige

The packaging is really cute, i don't even want to open them! lol...... The lipsticks have a golden chrome outer on them with the words melty nude lips on the side, they were really good price wise, i think about £8 per lipstick, which to me is a bargain as i usually spend about £15 upwards on lipsticks. I am always on the hunt for the prefect lipsticks, and i have heard many great reviews on canmake products. I  think my next step is to try out their 3D Foundation, it surprisingly makes your face seem smaller and more defined?? wow wow that works for me,


Hi all, sorry to have neglected my blog for over a week, here in London it has been pretty hectic, xmas is approaching, and we have been snowed under for the last few days. I have been trying to get all the things i needed to get down with so little time. Since my last blog, i have been shopping quite a bit and have some new and exciting makeup brands to share with you. Although i dedicate most of my blog towards Japanese Brands, i have started to become rather interested in Korean brands at the moment.

One brand in particular that i have come across is called Etude House. Etude House caught my eye as their range is extensive and i love their bold colours, and also their packaging is unique, fun and all round girly. Etude house has lines also for men, which i think is really good, it is reasonably priced and seemed to be quite popular in the USA and Singapore.

At present they have

1    Skincare
2    Body care
3    Hair care
4    Make up
5    Mens range

I think that is pretty impressive.....

Here are a few of my favourite make up pieces.

Some of their pieces really remind me of Anna Sui's collection, like the lipstick case design below, i love the old skool design with the blusher and the powder off and cute little bow.

The mens collection consists of make up ,hair care ,body care and cologne.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


When i think of good skin, i always think of skin that is clear, flawless, glowing and healthy.

My philosophy is that if you take so much time and effort to apply  the best cosmetics/make up to look and feel good and to emphasize your features, then really skincare should be the first priority ,  There really is no point neglecting your skin and then using  makeup as a simple cover up. We girls all know that no amount of makeup will not  cover  the true reality of  skin break outs or just unhealthy skin in general.

I am always in the search for the best and most high tech skincare. I am a true believer in maintaining and taking great care of my skin especially my face. I want to look young forever!lol.... :)

I am really keen on Japanese beauty products simply because i found Japanese women had the most  flawless skins, there are many factors such as their healthy diets and genetics, but also i believe that they take good care of their skin using the most advanced products, after all Japan is top of the world in revolutionary science. i don't think i have ever met any Japanese women who does not have great skin, i wanted to find out their beauty secrets, and what better way of doing so was to research and create my own beauty blog.

DR CI LABO is one of the most up and coming skincare range to come from Japan.Founded by a former skin care specialist Dr Yoshinori Shirono decided to create a skincare formula after consulting a high number of patients about certain skin problem, he wanted to not just carry out cosmetic procedures,but wanted to  advise them on after care and which products to use for probmatic skin.

Dr. Shirono's development concept was to create naturally derived product that "eliminated all unnecessary ingredients, formulating only those vital to promote the skin's natural power to preserve its beauty and vitality." As the result of many years of extensive research, focusing on restoring the skin's moisture.

The Skincare Concept of Dr.Ci:Labo

Simple : What the skin needs

  • Simplicity of ingredients : we only use naturally derived ingredients, any adding nothing that your skin doesn't need.
  • Simplicity of use : cleansing is followed by one step moisturizing , simplifying the skincare regimen.

Results : Naturally promoting healthy skin

  • Our skin enhancing ingredients are gentle on the skin and help promote its natural strength and beauty.
  • The skincare results can last 1, 5, or even 10 years.

Science : Focusing on the skin's natural mechanisms

  • The ingredients in our skincare products are scientifically tested and repeatedly analyzed.
  • We utilize cutting-edge technology, at the same time taking into account the though demands of professional dermatologists.
I will now take you through to Dr Ci Labos basic 3 step skincare products.

FACE WASH :Three major moisturizing ingredients and five vitamins for healthy looking skin without losing moisture.

TONER :Aqua Collagen Moist Lotion moisturizes your skin instantly but also balances your skin to help lock in that moisture
MOISTURISER :This naturally derived gel combines the latest industry developments with state of the art technology to give it the ability to preserve high moisture levels in your skin. It moisturizes multiple layers of your skin and keeps it that way for long periods of time.

I came across this range as my hair stylist was talking me through the most popular skincare and makeup ranges used in Japan. She emphasised how Dr Ci Labo is becoming popular throughout Japan and Asia, i have also heard that it is quite popular in Hong Kong and the US. No one i have spoken to here in the UK have ever heard of this brand, so i though to write this blog having also read many great reviews.

I believe  the key steps in maintaining  healthy flawless skin  is firstly  eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water/fluids, and my must do is cleanse, tone and moisturise without fail. Besides these rules always use a skin exfoliate at least 2 times a week. What i will include is that i feel it is vital to switch moisturisers accordingly to how you feel your skin is, winter time you may need something slightly more heavier , but its also great to change your skin products so you will always see the  long lasting effects.If you skin only becomes dependent on just one certain product, then you are just simply maintaining but not progressing to your skins finest capability.